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Start your Own Business

Start your own business with a trusted corporate image with over 16 years of credibility and trust.

There are many websites around now that allow people to run their own events to meet new people. Click gives Franchise owners the opportunity to earn money while doing something they love.

Own A Dating Business

We provide all the tools and training you need to operate a successful Franchise

What Franchisees Receive From Click!

The price of our Franchise is £15,000

1. Ongoing training and support
2. The use of a trusted corporate image
3. Full use of the website for their area
4. Full access to the Customer Relationship Management System for their area
5. Templates for matching couples on the Introduction Service
6. Templates for all letters, promotional materials and profiles
7. Access and use of Social Media platforms
8. All of the necessary training and tools to run a successful Speed Date

Please call Linda on 07943098950 to find out more.

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