Want a safer, more confidential way of meeting others seeking a proper relationship?

If you're looking for the best way to meet potential partners of the highest calibre, if confidentiality and complete discretion is a must in your current circumstances, then let our highly experienced team of Personal Matchmakers search on your behalf.

Are you struggling to find the right partner online?

Online Dating has been a popular way of meeting new friends and potential partners but for many, in the light of the recent bad publicity it has attracted, it may well now be considered too risky, too public or just not for you. So if a safer, more confidential and discreet way of finding new partners has become an important consideration, Click Introductions could be for you.

Dating and finding other high-quality partners can be a lonely task. Working with one of our professional, highly trained and knowledgeable Personal Matchmakers can ensure that you are approaching this journey in the best way possible.It is also a very discreet service, so no one will ever stumble across your own personal profile on the internet or be able to access your personal details or photographs, tune into your hopes, wants and aspirations or read about all you are seeking in your life partner. We will only pass on your contact details with your express permission and knowledge and then only through our matchmaking team.If that sounds like the sort of service you have been searching for, then why not get in touch today?There is never any obligation and the initial contact is always, most definitely free. So please feel free to contact us by telephoning 01622 863769.

Bronze Service - £495 one-off fee
• We introduce you to clients on our Bronze Service
• One Photograph on your profile
• Provide 12 profiles over 12 months matching the criteria you are looking for.
• Search the clients on this membership level to find you a compatible partner
• Telephone support and consultation

Silver Service - £1695 one off fee
• Search and introduce you to clients on our Bronze & Silver Service
• Two photographs on your profile
• Provide profiles of clients on Introduction Service and photographs of people who have said they would like to meet you
• We search our events and approach potential partners
• You are able to freeze your membership at any time.

Gold Service - £3495 one off fee
• Search and introduce you to clients on all Service Levels
• Three photographs are taken by our professional photographer
• Interview and build profiles on everyone we have found via searches who would like to meet you
• Search via our dating events, professional networks & social media
• You are able to freeze your membership at any time.
• Organise events specific to the age group and type of person you wish to meet

First Impressions - £995 one-off fee
Working with our partners to help you feel more confident, look good and feel good so that you are fully prepared for your first date
Our image consultant will speak to you about the colours that suit you best, check your wardrobe and advice on the styles to complement your shape
A choice of seeing our Life Coach or our Natural Healer for two sessions to clear any limiting beliefs, past issues giving you a positive mindset to get started
In this First Date Coaching Session, we’ll be looking at how we can help you get the best from yourself and your romantic life.
Getting the best out of dating by making a lasting first impression.
Learn how to date so that you and your partner have fun and leaving wanting to do it all again!
Making the best of yourself so that you maximise your chances.
Overcoming limiting beliefs from the past, loving the person you are and improving self-esteem.
Assist in developing healthy relationship skills and boundaries
Getting out and doing things you really enjoy so that you shine!
Assist people in overcoming common blocks standing in their way of finding and attracting the love and relationship they desire.
This is your opportunity to have some expert advice and feedback on you
Get focused on what you want in your life
Build your confidence and self-esteem
Someone to tell you the truth about dating and give you the best dating tips for you
A consultation with Sam our dating expert who will review how else we can assist you in finding your perfect partner

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